Our Mission, Vision & Goal

“When witnessing it, one can describe Imperceptible Art’s ambition as limitless…”

imp mag


It is our mission and ambition to create art based around the classical music instrument, the sarod. By sharing different aspects of the instrument, with other musicians, singer/songwriters and spoken word artists, we seek to create sounds and artwork known and unknown to the audience.


In times of electronic bliss, we bring our audience back to the essence of acoustic and live music artistry. Whether it will be an full Indian Classical concert or a collaborative project, the musical talent and skill of the artist will be highlighted.
This leading to our current and future projects. The aim is to continuously create original (musical) art pieces. Keeping the balance in artistic values and musical acceptance from the audience. 


To make sure all our (collaborative) art reaches our audience, it is our goal to;
– Organize seasonal series of (Indian Classical) Music events and concerts,
– Release a minimum of 2 new collaborative projects every year,
– Organize an annual showcase event,
– Expand a network of collaborative artists globally,
– Share our collective knowledge and mentality through re-occurring TV Programs, gatherings, workshops and presentations within the (young) community.

Imperceptible Art – We feed your habits and contradictions