“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively…”

~Bob Marley

Entisar doesn’t just want to sing or write; she wants to inspire. Her goal is to spread a message, share her experiences so others can identify and touch people with her music to lift their spirits. Obviously, having a great voice like she does can definitely help achieve that.

Imperceptible Art spotted the gifted singer/songwriter about a year ago while performing. Even though Entisar explains she has a love/hate-relationship with the stage, she was quite impressive and Imperceptible Art was convinced then and there working with her would lead to an exciting new project. This first collaboration will be transformed into ‘Awakening‘, an EP of 5 tracks, also involving producer/beat-maker Tommy Vamoz.

Entisar has had love for music since she was a little girl. She enjoyed (and still enjoys) 80’s legends and Michael Jackson in particular. Along with her brother she would mimic radio-shows and later, in their teens, they would even perform together at the local club. He played guitar as Entisar would bang away on the keys of her piano. The piano lessons she received before helped her understand music and compositions much better and surely added to her musical development.

During college she got involved in some singing workshops and positive feedback from teachers sparked her singing career.

Along the way she met numerous people. One of which was Stephano ‘Superflex’ Bel, a young producer who proposed to work together and record some songs. This led to Entisar’s first EP ‘Rebirth‘ in 2010.
She found a band to perform those tracks live. With the addition of a few cover songs, they managed to do this for a couple of years, but at some point she had to take a break. Entisar had a little too much to take care of and that was affecting the quality of her performance.
The break was needed to think about the direction she wanted to go and to get her singing back to where she wanted it to be. She felt she had lost some of the personal touch she used to have with her audience and herself.

Now working with Imperceptible Art she has the feeling she’s getting there again. She is both curious and excited about the sarod and looking forward to creating and experiencing new vibes, new sounds and influences. Her EP ‘Awakening‘, released September 2015, is the first expression. The premise is set for her to be the messenger she was destined to be.