RaagMala Suite

  • "This combination forms a harmonious unity that allows you to gently drift away..."

    Ellen Ten Damme
    Multidisciplinary Artist
  • "Beautiful Music! It takes you through a lot...initially very much drawn into their peace, but then you are swept into your own imagination...I guess I'll have to experience it another time! " 

    Terts Brinkhoff
    Creative Director
    Mobile Arts
  • "One of the best concerts I have been to... It was a truly eclectic yet simple mix, kind of like a sculpture by Giacometti or a painting by Monet."

    Anna Stolyarova
    Managing Director
    Street Art Museum
  • "Now that I have attended their concert, I wouldn't have missed it for anything in the world..."

    Narish Parsan
  • "I'm really impressed by the music; A musical landscape where everything speaks to your imagination"

    Rashid Novaire
    Multidisciplinary Artist
  • "Raga-based music is a splendid way to portray all the different emotions..."

    Chan Choenni
    Professor Hindustani Migration
  • RaagMala Suite is a composition based on a selection of classical Indian ragas. 

  • 5 different raga scales were adapted by the means of improvisational sound exchange. Afterwards they got assembled into a necklace of gems portraying different emotions. 

  • Combining the harmonies of the piano and the melodies of the sarod, we tend to shift through different levels of your emotions - from love to sadness, from rage to happiness and meditational peace. 

  • All raga's put the emphasis on certain moods and colors. These will be performed in an acoustic setting with a pinch of electronic treatment.

The Creators


Piano by Marynka Nicolai

Marynka Nicolai is born and raised in Moskow, Russia.

She has been a real pioneer as can be noticed in her intuitive writing and performances, “honest art expressions”. Marynka gets her inspiration of each and every moment itself. Her music can be described as improvisations flowing through her own experiences, senses and observations of life. Her artistic labeling lists a musician, a composer, an actress, a teacher, and an inspirer.

Since recently Marynka is developing an original concept of Instant Music, which allows her to smoothly enter the realm of improvisation as it is understood in Indian raga.


Sarod by Avi

Avi Kishna is an Indian classical musician, producer and coach, armed with enthusiasm, positivity and diversity.

He is co-founder of Imperceptible Art. His main instrument is the sarod. Sarod is one of the most popular Indian Classical stringed instruments. Avi got his training in Indian Classical Music from his Guru; late Sri Koustuv Ray.

Sarod by Avi is performed live in classical as well as crossover settings at different venues around The Netherlands.


Percussion & Electronica by Dr. Goldfinger

Maxim Chapochnikov aka Dr. Goldfinger is a dj, researcher and artist (b. in Ural, Russia) who moved to Amsterdam in 1988.

Here he became fascinated by a growing techno/ambient music-scene. Simultaneously he developed interest in “exotic” musics from around the world, since Amsterdam offered boundless access to various cultures. The results of his research of ethnic in Siberia and Central Asia influenced the artistic works of Dr. Goldfinger.

His art projects are musical production, radio programs, conceptual events, dj sets and cooperation with other likeminded artists.