Sarod by Avi

Avi Kishna is an Indian classical musician, producer and coach, armed with enthusiasm, positivity and diversity.

He is co-founder of Imperceptible Art, setting up projects for and with a wide variety of artists. As both musician and producer he exclusively works for Imperceptible Art. As musician his main instrument is the Sarod.

His music is known for very intuitive melodies combined with splendid technique, that show off his talent and virtuosity. He can instantly catch the mood of the moment and take you into his own world.

Sarod is one of the most popular Indian Classical stringed instruments (lute). Avi got his training in Indian Classical Music from his Guru; late Sri Koustuv Ray, an Indian musical virtuoso who recently passed away.

Sarod by Avi is performed live in classical as well as crossover settings at different venues around The Netherlands:


  • Sandra de Witte06-17452241

    "Top2000 a GOGO"

    NTR / NPO 3 , The Netherlands

  • F5663220 AC47 4ACB A070 49754A7D8B10 3164 0000020E15AB88E1

    "Opening Holland India Festival"

    De Nieuwe Kerk, The Hague

  • 1935915_10208338157227335_9052141231881405523_n

    “Bijlmer Wijksafari”  

    Bijlmermeer Amsterdam

  • 1782568_473636506069181_64388535_o

    “In The Picture Festival”

    Bijlmerpark Theater Amsterdam

  • sarodbyavi solo

    “Women in Paradise”

    Paradiso Amsterdam

  • Sarod by Avi

    “Fullmoon Babylon”

    Podium Grounds Rotterdam

  • Photo 06-03-15 12 45 19

    “Helende Geluiden”

    Rosenstock Huessy Huis Haarlem

  • 11046211_499256890281634_5998894321941566155_n

    “Notes on a Frasian Son”

    Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

  • sba3

    “Connection Xperience”

    Club Stereo Amsterdam

  • jimmyragecollab 14

    “Collab Session”

    Hall of Fame Tilburg

  • 11029488_10153726451891554_1925168504886616820_o

    "Framer Framed"

    Tolhuystuin Amsterdam

  • 14224875_1375960422418361_8481475936942059203_n

    “RaagMala Suite @ Mysteryland”

    Mysteryland Festival Haarlemmermeer

  • 18738670_1673688035978930_5789044665525686353_o

    “Healing Garden Festival”

    Healing Garden Zeewolde

  • FullSizeRender

    “Lowlands Yoga”

    Lowlands Festival Biddinghuizen

  • 31440705740_1aa69c5629_o

    "RaagMala Suite Lie Down Concerts"

    Pllek Amsterdam

  • ram_3124

    "24H Zuidoost" 

    JazHotel Amsterdam

  • 44805852_1071941826346468_4900154803918733312_n

    "Roode Bioscoop"


  • 16991826_719480778259243_2279409298951086345_o

    "Unplug & Play"

    Vlinderstad Emmen

  • beach-1835213_1280

    "De Nieuwe Yoga School"


  • 47381797_1094247470782570_1104779705812254720_o

    "De Drommedaris"


  • IMG_4776

    "Meanwhile Music"

    Theater De Meervaart, The Netherlands

  • Entisar

    "Avi is a professional musician who is not afraid to try different things, which makes him an eclectic person and therefore a joy to work with..."

  • Aura Rascon

    "Not only a talented sarodplayer with a special mood and touch in his indian instrument, but also very creative at finding his own voice and ways to connect his traditional heritage with music in a modern setting..."

    Aura Rascon
  • Jimmy Rage

    "To hear Sarod by Avi, is to hear angels whispering about the joy of flight, the return of blossoms blooming in the head, heart and soul. Each note of every raga reaching deep, asking for our tears and joy."

    Jimmy Rage
    Multidisciplinary Artist
    Rage Studio's
  • Mara Michels

    "His music brings you back inwards, the sound of the Sarod contains something magical. An instrument that tickles your internal dialogue and pushes you towards new perceptions..."

    Mara Michels
    PR & Radio Host
    Inspiration Network
  • Afke Reijenga

    "A great musician! He played during our Yoga sessions and it was great! Looking forward to work with him again next year at Lowlands!"

    Afke Reijenga
    Yoga Teacher