Summer Sweetness

We’ve all heard expressions involving “the streets”, whether the streets is watching (Jay-Z), dancing in the streets (Bowie and Jagger) or the street are calling (Kensington). What about singing? Belief it…the streets are singing.

Of course, every (major) city has its pack of street musicians, but how often do we hear a top quality voice on our way to the supermarket? Not to impress anyone, not to go around with a hat after the song is over, but just for the love of it? Imperceptible Art would say at least once…

That is more or less how the talented vocalist Marie got acquainted with the Amsterdam based platform. She was singing like she usually does while taking a stroll or cycling trough the streets. It is also a way for her friends to hear she is approaching, just like her mom’s friends did when she was younger. The apple doesn’t fall far…etc. Both her parents are very musical and it is no wonder the genes got passed on.

Marie started playing piano at age 4 and began writing songs and singing a few years later as a young teen. All of this without singing lessons. She got to sing and perform with her dad at several festivals among others, as well as recording a CD with cover songs. Today, she is still very skilled on piano but her definite passion is singing.


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When Avi heard that singing in the streets he complimented her, had a chat and invited her to Imperceptible Art’s Open Mic a few months later. In the first conversation it became clear they would get involved in projects and create musical art.

The time is now. Marie has written 5 songs and provided the basic compositions for what will be love songs, sad songs and summer grooves, within a Jazzy atmosphere, for the Ep ‘Summer Sweetness‘ The addition of the sarod creates a new, undefined style, challenging the artists involved as well as the listeners.