Founders – Mitch

As Manager and Producer,  co-founder Mitch has the noble task guide these projects from A to Z.

He gained his experience in several lines of business, like Real estate, General Management and Marketing, as he started working at the age of 16. All the traits and tricks he picked up during his career come in handy now, building Imperceptible Art from the ground up.

He is known for his networking abilities, making sure Imperceptible Art is never short of projects nor contacts with artists. As Project Manager he manages to get the right people on the right spot. This way, the variety of themes in collaborations can come to full expression in the events and performances they lead to.

Mitch has also amazing graphical talent. Every project set up by Imperceptible Art will have its own unique piece of artwork, created by him. The nature of the project and the people involved inspire him to create that badge or logo, which represents the project best.

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