Zen Sation


For centuries mankind has been developing and practicing various ways to improve their mental and physical health.

If practicing Indian Classical Music was one of the means to attain self realization in a spiritual form, then the practice of Yoga would be the one to obtain enlightenment through a more physical approach.

Now in 2017, when the whole world we live in seemed to have picked up on the latter, while Indian Classical Music hasn’t so much, we bring those ancient practices together.
As it is our mission to create and promote music and art based around the sarod, we are combining the vibrations of sounds on the most healing frequency (432Hz) with the meditative focus on physical movement, Yoga.

Doing so we aim to create an atmosphere to have a relaxing, rejuvenating and renewing experience for your body and soul. Together with Yogini’s Barbara & Hajar, the music of ‘Sarod by Avi’, Zen Sation will be offering a variety of Yoga classes for you and your kids!

Hajar’s focus is Yoga for Kids. Her goal is to create physical and mental awareness for kids or young adults. As a mum coming from Moroccan roots, she has a mission to make Yoga more accessible for different cultures and religions.

Barbara spent over 3 years in India to find out about the different aspects of yoga. Her Dutch no nonsense approach keeps her grounded and her Hatha based classes accessible for all. Whatever is it you are looking for in yoga class, you will leave the class uplifted and balanced.

We all are familiar with the engaging music of our own ‘Sarod by Avi’. He will perform a unique piece of ambient, relaxing and meditative music for every single Zen Sation class. These classes will be a mini concert to experience in a very special way.

Zen Sation will have 3 types of classes and will cater to the youngest to the most senior amongst us.

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