Zen Sation Classes and Prices


Toddler Yoga
Price: €20 (Parents & Toddlers)
Duration: 45 mins

Present your children with the gift of yoga at an early age, while you enjoy a wonderful time together. As they explore and learn to practise something that will benefit them a lifetime, you get to assist them with the loving guidance of the teacher.


Kids Yoga
Price: €17,50 (kids only)
Duration: 45 mins

This class teaches kids aged 5 and up to practice yoga without their parents, under the warm guidance of the teacher and live healing music. This gives them the chance to develop awareness, build concentration and stimulate positive self-image, among others.


Adult Yoga
Price: €25
Duration: 90 mins

With live music providing healing vibration, you will be instructed in the practice of yoga, guided by a compassionate teacher. Restore and improve your energy and vitality, increase flexibility and boost your health to new hights.


Meditation Yoga (Monthly Meditation Session)
Price: €20
Duration: 90 mins

Once a month Zen Sation will offer an addition to the regular class in the form of meditation. Balance your physical and mental health, the inner and the outer you.


Classes are every Sunday. Find a class suitable for you and reserve a spot at your earliest convenience. Be advised Zen Sation classes for adults can hold no more than 30 participants and the classes for toddlers and kids no more than 15 participants.

All participants receive a complimentary health drink. When you sign up, you will be able to download music for free to practice and you get free online access to a yoga class.



You have the opportunity to purchase a voucher for 10 occasions. In doing so, you save 10% on the regular price.

Toddler Yoga: €180
Kids Yoda: €140
Adult Yoga: €225

Click here to purchase your voucher

All participants pay a one-time service fee up to €8.53


• Make sure you wear comfortable clothes for easy movement.
• Yoga works best on bare feet, but feel free to wear socks to stay warm during the final meditation part.
• We do recommend to wear a vest or take a blanket with you.
• There will be a limited amount of mats, so feel free to bring your own.
• There is a pin/atm-machine available at the location.
• There are no dressing rooms available at the location.

For additional questions about the classes, the music or the vouchers, feel free to contact us: imperceptibleart@gmail.com

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